• Marta Jeremy Emily and Abigail

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I've felt this way for a long time. My husband has been asked to lead youth/young adults at church. But only gets kids to come if he plans fun events, they don't come for bible study. Its frustrating, and then the parents say "if only the church would make it more fun, our kids would like it…" He really hits this point right on!

  • Alysha

    Growing up Catholic, I went to church and to Sunday School and we learned about God while sitting in desks. We went to mass afterwards, with the adults, and listened politely and said our prayers. There was no fun stuff to draw us in or events for youth – it was just church. It was not meant to be "fun" per se (though I always enjoyed the feeling when I attended). I'm not sure why kids need to equate religion and faith with fun times. Church is not meant to be fun and kids should see it for what it is – a place for worship and prayer. I guess I'm annoyed by the sense of entitlement I see in today's youth – they feel as if the world owes them something. I see it every day. I guess that sense of entitlement continues even with faith. The feel entitled to have their faith served to them in fun packages, but they leave the church as soon as something more novel and fun comes around because they're searching for a fresh buzz. Having never attended bible study or youth group, I have no idea what truly goes on. But I can imagine I'm not too far off in my assumption that it's just one more place kids can sit next to each other with their iPods and iPhones as they text each other and listen to Justin Beiber. That's what they do in school (which, coincidentally, would be more enjoyable for students if teachers made it more fun…)

  • Tamara Watson

    I just found out that there is a group of people at my old church that still meet regularly (weekly) and pray for our youth group from 15 years ago because so few of us still attend church. I was so touched that they remember us still.

    There is also a book by John Bowen that I want to read (Growing Up Christian: Why Young People Stay in Church, Leave Church, and (Sometimes) Come Back to Church). Have you heard of it?

    Thanks for posting this link. As much as I adore our church, my 3yo does not like the Sunday School program at all – I know she'd do better in something more structured/traditional. I'll watch the video – if we endup switching elsewhere, maybe it'll give me something to think about while we look.

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