If I knew I could, I would…

Written for Five Minute Friday at Lisa-JoBaker.com

So, Lisa-Jo Baker said, “if she could, she would” write a love letter to women, which is a beautiful idea.  I thought about how to go about this, and realized – it’s easy to write, but so much harder to believe.  I’m sure so many of us can come up with a multitude of encouraging words for others – but draw a blank for ourselves.

That’s what I love about the Blogging world though.  When I come up blank – when I’m discouraged – when I feel that no one quite ‘gets’ me… when I sometimes wonder if Homeschooling and Homemaking and all the things that fill my days are truly worth it all… I find rest and peace and truth hidden in the written pages of the like-minded. 


So, “If I knew I could, I would” tell every single writing Mom who has inspired me, even a morsel, that she’s making a difference in the world by sharing her stories, insight, and beliefs.  I’d wrap my arms around the discouraged, the tired, the weary… and whisper “this too shall pass”.  Because I’ve been there.  I know what it’s like to feel alone, telling yourself, “I’m not a good enough Mom.”

“If I knew I could, I would” scream from the mountaintops how important the role of Mother and Homemaker are and how profoundly committed we are to the bringing up of a grounded, centered, spiritually filled brood of next generationers.  That it isn’t as easy as the world makes it seem to balance doing ‘everything’ as a Wife and Mom.  That there is intense purpose in parenting intentionally and we can find sheer joy and bliss in the raising of our families.  That it can be and is ‘enough’.  That Homemaking should be highly respected and revered as a career of huge importance.
“If I knew I could, I would” encourage every Mom who has something to share, to share.  We are so often gripped by fear, anxiety, worry, feelings of inadequacy.  I was.  How can I write?  Can I write?  My writing isn’t that good.  My life isn’t that interesting.  No one will read.  No one cares.  People will appose me.   So many Moms are so much more brilliant, organized, prepared, educated, disciplined, spiritual…  on and on the list goes.

But then I’m reminded that the ‘lists’ aren’t what matters.  Being ME matters.  Being who God created us to be in life and in words is what we are called to.  Blogging is an incredible outlet because we are allowed to just ‘be’.  And amazingly, people actually encourage us to do it!

“If I knew I could, I would” just ‘be‘ a whole lot more often.

How about you?

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  • Jen

    Wow! You covered all that in 5 minutes? You're like, super writer mom.

    This is great. My mom was a homemaker/homeschool mom too, and I am very grateful for all she poured into my and my sister's lives. And homeschoolers are going to take over the world, so it's good to be on the front of the revolution. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Great post! visiting from Five Minute Friday.

  • Patty Ann

    Totally love this. I also agree with you. I think the world would have us believe that moms aren't that important, but we know differently. A mom holds within her arms the power to change the world because she loves a child.

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