Stopping to Smell the Flowers – literally.

Today the kids and I spent more than an hour in the grocery store. That’s LONG for us.  Usually, we grab a Croissant, get what we need, and head out.  Not today.  We were just about done when ‘Baby A’ decided he wanted to smell the flowers.  Literally.

Now, this is a huge Supermarket (though I love it so much because they sell tons of local produce) and they have an in-store Flower Market.  It’s beautiful.  So, naturally, my heart warmed when I saw my two-year-old son bent over a bucket of Spring Tulips – bum out, nose sniffing. He was so stinkin’ cute I could have just melted into a puddle of sticky, Supermarket-floor mush.

Luckily, I happened to have my camera with me (we were planning a trip to the park after-wards and I was hoping to snap some pics).  So, I was able to capture the moment(s).

I wasn’t planning to buy flowers today, but, in the spur of the moment, I encouraged the kids to ‘pick some good ones’ for our kitchen table.  They were ecstatic.  And again, I’m reminded – it’s the small things.  We even went into the ‘cold room’ for the Roses and exotic flowers.  We explored; naming and smelling as many flowers as we could while the sales clerk looked on – I think she was worried they’d break the flowers.  I think adults too quickly assume that children are destructive when most aren’t.  Especially when they are completely intrigued by the delicate beauty of nature.

What a joyful morning of spontaneity and simple pleasures.  Praise God for the wonder of this earth and that our children are so often the ones who inspire us to pause, reflect, and cherish the ‘flowers’ of life.

The final choice… pink and white Daisies.  


  • Marie

    Ahhh so very nice 🙂 The flowers are beautiful but not nearly as beautiful as the darlings who are enjoying them. I love fresh cut flowers.
    I'm following you through GFC and networked blogs as well as blogfrog. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on unplugging. However, it'll have to be another day, I'm in a rush today 🙁

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